college ministry.

College is an exciting time for students as they pursue their dreams and careers with their newfound freedoms. It can also be a challenging time as they learn how to incorporate their faith into the world around them. For most students, this is their first opportunity to make their faith their own. At First Baptist Church Seminole, we desire to reach students with the gospel of Jesus Christ, build them up in their faith, and send them out into the world.

Our College Ministry is run by Gary Canfield



Sunday school

Join us in our Bridge building on Sunday mornings at 10am-10:30am for our College & Single Sunday School class.


ignite is a weekly gathering of college students and singles at the home of Gary & Jeaneen Canfield. He opens his home (and sometimes his fire pit too) to college students for worship and a small bible study time. There is always free food and fellowship. 

glorieta Collegiate Week

At Collegiate Week, the beautiful mountains of Glorieta, New Mexico, set the stage for a profound encounter with God. Collegiate students and leaders from across the country gather to experience deep teaching and worship with the best in collegiate ministry. Focused small group sessions offer in-depth Bible study, and a variety of recreation and fellowship options help form friendships that extend far beyond the week. Students will leave refreshed and focused on the semester ahead, ready to impact their campuses for Christ.

  • Sydney Brummett

    First off, I would like to thank all of those who provided us with snacks for the trip and all those who did things for us that we may not know about. Your prayers and thoughts of us made me feel confident and know that the church cares deeply about our experience. I especially want to thank Gary and Jeaneen. They are the reason I went to Glorieta. Being from another state, they really made me feel welcome and opened their arms up to me. What they do for the college group, I am beyond grateful for. Glorieta was a new experience for me. I had never been with this church before, and it was truly a spiritual uplifting trip. The one on one time I got to spend with God was needed and special. There were many amazing speakers there that made the experience enlightening. I had a blast getting to know everyone more, too bad OSU started early, making Jeaneen have to back out on us ;) Thank you again for all who was a part of this journey, and a special thanks to Gary. I will cherish the memories we made and apply all that I learned from camp, and also Gary, to my life.

  • Trevor O'Daniel

    This summer I participated in the collegiate trip to Glorieta and it was absolutely worth it! I really didn't know what to expect but when we got into Glorieta I was stoked because the landscape was so beautiful. On like the third day a group of us took about a ten mile hike up this steep mountain and needless to say we were all in excruciating pain for the remainder of the week, but anyways, throughout the week the lord really spoke to me about where I am at my life and what he wants me to do. Glorieta really opened my eyes and I want to thank the church and everyone involved especially Gary. Thank you!

  • Miriam Ingham

    This year made my second year going to Glorieta. It is always neat to see believers my age from all over the country. This year I was in a family group that ended up having mostly Oklahomans but it was still a great week getting to know them. We also get to know the people in Collegiate Challenge better too. We ride in a van for hours and then you room with them so there is lots of time for bonding. The timing of the camp is perfect because it gets you back on track and fired up for a new semester. Shout out to whoever made the snacks! They were wonderful! Also, thank you to the church for allowing us to go on this trip and for helping financially and praying as we were gone.

  • Ryan Berry

    Glorieta, while still a relatively new experience for me, has grown to become one of my favorite things about college ministry. It is such a joy to see students from all over the nation and world coming together in one place to devote and exhaust all of their energy and resources in the name of furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel very blessed to be apart of a ministry that is devoted to making disciples. The fields are wide open and the harvest is ripe on this nation's college campuses; I'm ecstatic to be apart of this mission.

  • Joseph Jeong

    In the end of summer break, I was fortunate enough to join other college students for Collegiate Week in Glorieta, New Mexico. As an International student, first time being in America, I got to enjoy the new scenery and experience the different climate New Mexico had to offer. Collegiate Week refreshed my mind and helped guide me to where I should be spiritually. During the week, I was also made to realize how much correct knowledge I do not have on Scripture. This challenged me to delve deep into the Word and meditate upon it daily. One of the highlights of the week was grasping what it means to truly love God, through Luke 10:27.