Sunday school

Due to Covid-19 we are currently not meeting in a structured Sunday School setting. Feel free to contact the church, or a small group leader for information on Sunday School. We look forward to a time when we can gather again soon for Sunday School.

We believe that Jesus is all about transforming the heart and the mind, and that the very best opportunity for that to happen is in a small group setting. On Sunday mornings we gather all over the church and the Bridge for Sunday School small group classes. We have classes for all stages in life; children, adults, couples, senior adults, college, teenagers, bed babies, men and women's classes. We believed God is using Sunday School to help make disciples who love Jesus, love their church, and want to share the message of Jesus Christ with the world. Please join us on Sunday Morning for one of our Sunday School groups.

  • Nursery (Babies thru Pre-K)

    Babies from birth thru age 4 (Pre-School) meet in our nursery for Sunday School. You may want to arrive a few minutes early to get your little ones checked in with our Nursery Director Kesha Ford for Sunday school

  • Children (Kindergarten Thru 6th grade)

    Our children's classes meet in our children's hallway (don't worry our door greeters will get you there). Children are divided by their school grade into their classes. Their teachers will be eager to meet them.

  • Youth (7th-12 grade)

    Our students meet in the Bridge for Sunday school. They gather in the main seating area of the bridge to start their morning off before they split into classes by grades and gender. Our student workers are some of the best around and want to help disciple your students. Bring them by to meet Josh and his youth workers on Sunday.

Our Adult classes vary and are all throughout our church building. We have classes for individuals and for couples. No matter your life stage we have a place for you. We'd love for you to join us.

  • Deeply Rooted is one of our newest classes.  Deeply Rooted meets in our chapel and is designed for young adults.  This class is led by James & Rebekah Rogers

  • CR has a Sunday School class that meets in our conference room
  • Adult B is for our co-ed adults in their 40's and 50's.  This class is led by Dr. Randy Kemp.

  • Kairos is another one of our co-ed adult class in their 40s and 50s.  This class is led by Earl Peel.
  • Adult C is a true departmental class (Ladies, Men and Co-Ed.) This class is designed for those in their 50's and 60's.  They meet as a department then separate into classes.  Gary Adams serves as Department Director.

               -Adult C Ladies is led by Paula Garbutt

               -Adult D Men's class is led by David Wilson

               -Adult D Co-Ed class is led by Gerald Wilson

  • Adult D is also a departmental class (Ladies and Men) This department is designed for those in their 60's and 70's. They meet as a department then separate into classes. Robert Foxx serves as Department Director.

               -Adult D Ladies is led by Becki Garbutt

               -Adult D Men's class is led by Ron Frederick

  • Adult G is our Senior Adult department with several classes.  This department is designed for those in their 70's thru 90's.  They meet as a department then separate into classes. Herman Ritchie serves as Department Director.

               -Adult G Ladies (Friendship Class) is led by Jan Carrell

               -Adult G Ladies (Charity Class) is led by Annette Myrick and Coleen Fletcher

               -Adult G Ladies (Mary Davis Class) is led by Pat Short and Mary McCormick

               -Adult G Co-Ed Class is led by Ted Hoskinson